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Date:2005-06-01 22:00
Subject:Finished Gokusen, woohoo

I finally watched ep 12 of my favorite Japanese Comedy/Drama; Gokusen. It was a very tearful and dramatic episode, I almost got teary eyed. Nakama Yukie, actress that played the main character Yamaguchi Kumiko, was awesome. She's not just a pretty face, she's a talented artist whi play just about anything. Man, I love this girl.

I'll have a review up for this show soon when THEM starts publishing Entropy again.

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Date:2005-05-10 22:11

Got me a new laptop yesterday, awesome. It's nothing much, a Dell Inspiron 1200 with a Celeron 1.3 GHz, 256 Meg Ram, 30 gigs memory, and XP Home. It's good enough for rudimentary stuff and the web. I thought it came with a wirelss LAN, it didn't. So I went out to buy a Router for my main PC and a card for this Lap Top at Walmart. I was about to buy some expensive Linksys stuff when I saw a Network Anywhere wireless kit that included a Router and a Card for only $45, and it was the only one left in Walmart. It works fine, it worked better when I tweaked it with System Mechanic. Now, while my main PC downloads and encodes, I can use this laptop to surf the web ad not get hassled by the other PC's operations (that thing is kinda screwy anyways).

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Date:2005-05-02 22:12
Subject:Puffy AmiYumi

I got to meet them on May 1st at the Chandler Mall Atomic Comics. They were signing autographs and I got them to sign my CD. They were sooo nice and sooo cute. I told them I was a fan since 1998 when I saw them on Hey Hey Hey TV show from Japan, they were pretty impressed. After that I volunteered to be their security near the end since there were some people who didn't get to see them for they had to go to an interview with KUTP. I got to see them to their van :)

Today, May 2nd, I got to see them in concert, and boy was it great! I talked to Kaz again and he let me and two friends hang out in the audio box with him and good view. Too bad I never got near Puffy, but that was cool.

This is one of those rare moments you treasure.

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Date:2005-04-25 22:34
Subject:First Day at Work

Today I started at CheckFree and it seems like a great place to work. The first day consisted of mostly Orientation stuff. The place was pretty cool, they even have free coffee and soda. I have 6 weeks of training then I get to do the real stuff. I'm glad to be workign again.

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Date:2005-04-24 22:37
Subject:Speeding Ticket


OK, now that I've vented, man, this pretty much sucks! The damn main Speed Limit was 45 mph but the cop said it was 25. I looked and there was a mini 25 mph sign below the 45 mph. I'm takignthis thing to court!

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Date:2005-04-23 21:41
Subject:Making RPG's

man, I just downloaded a program called RPG Maker 2003, and it's very cool. Problem is, it's pretty complicated to set up. Now I know what Square Enix guys go through.

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Date:2005-04-19 23:03
Subject:DivX DVD player

I'm happy now, I finally got my DviX capable DVD Player that I bought online. I waited all freakin' day for this thing! It finally arrived at 7:15 pm today! Anyways, I tested it and it plays everything I threw at it, DVD+R's, SVCD's, VCD's, MPEG Video, and Region 2 DVD's. Oh yeah, forgot to mention it was Region Free, despite the Region 1 label on the box. Way to throw off those Region sensitive MPAA jerks who force us to watch Hollywood drivle or the occational filtered and edited foriegn flick. The only problem I have with it is the remote has a narrow transmission signal and I have to position myself properly to send a signal. Soundwise, this thing ROCKS, with various options on how you want it to sound, not just settings for Digital Audio. All I need now is a kick ass TV to attach this to.

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Date:2005-04-19 17:58
Subject:New Pope

Glory to God in the highest, my faith has a new leader.

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Date:2005-04-16 15:49
Subject:Planet Neo

Finally, a store dedicated to anime within my grasp. I talke to Elfling for a bit while I played Magiranger on the tube, which the store crowd needed to get used to. I asked about Viewtiful Joe, so I'm expecting to get the official licenced stuff of that. I'm just glad there's anime store here and I hope it grows bigger. And also one day they can sell Tokusatsu stuff.

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Date:2005-04-13 01:03

Well, finally got CheckFree's offer. I start working on the 25th, 6 weeks of training. After that I work 12:30pm to 9pm. The great part is that I have Thursdays and Saturdays off, that's when I usually meet up with THEM.

Can't wait to start making money again.

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Date:2005-04-11 00:09

Friends sometimes can get on one's goat and throw things out of the loop. I understood that he was feeling bad and that things are rough for him, but I can only do so much. If there's one thing I have learned in from life is to never ask for sympathy. I used to do that in High School, doing things so that people will feel sorry for me. I realized, no, no one should feel bad for me, hell I shouldn't feel bad for me. Problems and down times arrive, yes, but why should I let myself feel bad about that, it's not helping anything. I have problems right now, but I can't just let them eat me up. And I'm not about to go calling my buddies up crying and asking for sympathy, they have problems themselves. I understand, friends should try to help one another and be there when needed, but where is the line drawn when one keeps laying his problems out to others and ask for a shoulder to cry on a lot?

I don't want to bug other people with my problems unless they're my mom and dad, I'd rather spend that time to think of a way to solve my problems.

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Date:2005-04-07 09:47
Subject:Fixed Windows

Finally, fixed my Windows XP! E-mailed Microsoft about my problem and got an answer back! I was having problems with my Windows Explorer and this was the solution:

1. Click Start, right click My Computer, and select Properties.
2. On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Performance.
3. On the Data Execution Prevention tab, select "Turn on DEP for all
programs and services except those I select", and click Add.
4. In the Open box, please browse to the folder C:\Windows, double
click explorer, click OK, and then click OK.

I'm happy now :)

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Date:2005-04-07 09:33
Subject:I missed my G4

I'm sooo glad went ahead and added G4-TechTV to my service, I missed that channel. Glad to be watching X-Play again and though Sessler annoys the hell out of me, I just luv Morgan Web. Screen Savers is gone now (sob) but in it's place is something called Attack of the Show. Gee, nice and creative that title is (rrriiiigggghhhhttttt). I'm glad they kept Kevin R. and Sarah on, but I'm upset that Chi Lan left (sob). They could have gotten rid of Kevin P. , goodness, that guy must be kissing some serious ass to be kept around after losing, like what, 3 shows. I bet a lot of people got pissed that the TechTV aspect has been all but removed, how sad. I used to love Screen Savers and Call for Help. I hope they get Cat Schwartz to come on from time to time, she's HOT! Anyhow, I finally got my G4 again.

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Date:2005-04-04 19:48
Subject:Random synapse activity

My brain's acting up so I just gelt like writng up stuff. PC's about 90% fixed but I'm still experiencing some explorer issues. Hopefully Billy Gates gets to making a patch for this soon (I blame it on Service Pack 2). I just finished putting up clips for my website, PC's been acting up so I was delayed. Oh well, I do my best. I just had an interview this morningwith Checkfree and I hope they liked me, I need that job. I'm aiming to get a lap top soon, and I need to get stable with my life.

God, please help me with getting this job.

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Date:2005-04-02 13:37
Subject:PC Hell

Why are PC upgrades/maintenance/repair such a pain in the ass? Man, all I wanted was to upgrade my old C: drive from 40 gigs to 160 gigs and it's a frickin' hassle. It seems some windows components didn't transfer through all the way and Norton firewall didn't load all the way either. Well, got rid of Norton firewall (useless piece of crap) and did it all over again, it seemed to have worked. So far, my 3rd attempt seems to be good and snagless (knock on wood) and I'm not getting the dreaded "Explorer has encountered a problem and must shut down...." crap. Firefox is working now among other things. Man, it's been such a pain.

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Date:2005-03-31 23:20
Subject:How great THEM is

Another day with them, why do I like these people so much? Is it because within me is a nutcase waiting to come out? Wait, I have my own version of insanity so that can't be it. Maybe it's because they understand that which my mind seems to find tasty, Anime and sci-fi whatnot. But I think it's more than that. I like them because they are on the same wavelenght as me, or at least pretty close. I introduced them to the wonderfull world of Japanese Live Action, and I seemed to have succeeded in getting them to like it. They definitely loved Magiranger, this year's current Sentai from Japan. I showed them Gokusen also, and that was also a hit. It looks like I found the friends that I have longed to have.

THEM, a world I seemed to belong to.

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Date:2005-03-29 11:37

Wow, my first Con, and I loved it. I almost didn't make it in though, it got sold out by 11 am that Friday. Fortunately there was a no show and I bought their tag from them. After that it was uphill onwards. I got to see awesome costumes and great people there. Yoshitaka Amano being there gave the con that extra sweetness. We had people from all over the place including overseas, one guy from Japan and another from Australia. There was a big vendors area where lots of anime stuff were being sold, but no bootleg DVD's, that's a no no. I took a crapload of pics and posted them on the net. The one thing that kinda bugged me there a bit was that with so many young-uns there, I felt old :P . I had the best fun of all at the Karaoke, where I sang ROCKS from Naruto. I wanted to do something to help out so I volunteered to work at the Con Suite from time to time. There was this issue of a dinner fiasco involving a Sushi restaurant, but I didn't let that dampen my mood. All in all, I had a great time. Next year I wish to be part of the action and staff.

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Date:2005-03-29 00:13
Subject:My first entry

Well, I just thought my first entry would be that of post con, so I have much to say.

Before I start laying it out for the world to see, let me introduce myself.

My name on the WWW is FreedomRed and I just got out of the army. Am I happy about that, you bet yer ass. It was a long 5 years and I waited for the day I sign out become a civie again. Not everything in the army was bad though, I got a lot of good from it. I changed a lot in there, for the better, and I had fun playing soldier. Oh, and out of curiousity, I didn't get to go to Iraq.

Well, I'm a civ now and happy to be one. I'm still on a job hunt though, but it's only been a month and I'm not dead yet. I'm in AZ, plenty of jobs here so I'm not worried.

The pivotal part of my personal life coming back here is rejoining my old sci-fi group THEM. I knew my bud Carlos was still there so I decided to link back up with that crew. Well, am I glad I did, for I need to have friends right now. I'm surprised to see some of the old folks there, though i'm not sure if some of them (just some) are glad to see me again. I hope in time they will see me in a good light those who don't, for who I was 5 years ago is a helluva lot different from the me now.

Boy, I summed up my month of March pretty well, but the best is yet to come.

Next entry, my experiences at Anizona Anime Convention.

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